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Exporting FoxPro9 Tables to CSV with MEMOMisc Code '22, Sep 29th.
Mixing std::string and std::wstringC/C++ '22, Sep 26th.
Base64 encoding and decoding of bytesC/C++ '22, Sep 24th.
Reading and writing file bytesC/C++ '22, Sep 24th.
The ASCII TableMisc '22, Sep 23rd.
Creating a STATIC bitmap buttonC/C++ '22, Sep 22nd.
Prevent sleep idle timeoutC/C++ '22, Sep 26th.
Sending mail with libcurlC/C++ '22, Sep 24th.
libcurl libraries with opensslC/C++ '22, Sep 22nd.
PeekMessage loops for realtime programsC/C++ '22, Sep 21st.
Adding time with a decimal valuePHP Concept Code '22, Oct 2nd.
Clearing console without system callC/C++ '22, Sep 7th.
Norwegian letters in console appsC/C++ '22, Sep 7th.
DEEEER Simulator | PC Game ModPC Game Mods '22, Jul 22nd.
INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE when SATA to NVMEWindows '22, Jul 15th.
Pillars of Eternity | PC Game ModPC Game Mods '22, May 16th.
Pillars of Eternity II | PC Game ModPC Game Mods '22, May 16th.
Video Encoding Concurrent Streams TestWindows Script '22, Apr 26th.
ProcMemInterface.dll | Game Hacking LibraryC/C++ C# PC Game Mods '22, Apr 19th.
Buffer Overflow and ROPPython '22, Sep 22nd.
theHunter - Call of the Wild | PC Game ModPC Game Mods '22, May 16th.
Storage Usage Checking via CLIGNU/Linux '22, Feb 7th.
Adressable RGBArduino '22, Feb 2nd.
DJ DNR Real AutomaticArduino '22, Feb 2nd.
DJ 6S ManualArduino '22, Oct 2nd.
DJ Truck DashArduino '22, Feb 2nd.
DJ Truck ShifterArduino '22, Feb 2nd.
Steganografi (Bilder i Bilder)JS '22, Feb 16th.
Steganografi (Tekst i Bilder)JS '22, Feb 16th.
SnowRunner | PC Game ModPC Game Mods '22, May 16th.
SFTP chroot Mount AccessGNU/Linux '22, Oct 2nd.
Debian, Apache and Let's EncryptGNU/Linux '22, Jan 28th.
Debian, NGINX and PHP-FPMGNU/Linux '22, Jan 28th.
Migrating Debian to another VPSGNU/Linux '22, Jun 28th.
VPN Protocol PortsWindows Misc '22, Jan 28th.
Digitize TextJS Script '22, Jan 28th.
AutoWriteJS Script '22, Jan 28th.
ZFS NotesGNU/Linux '22, Feb 16th.
Thoughts on Coding StyleMisc '22, Sep 26th.
Common Windows CommandsWindows '22, Mar 15th.