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Transferring files with PuTTY

PuTTY is great for SSHing from Windows, as well encrypted tunnels into any system. But what about easy transfer of files?

Upload a file:
pscp c:\<path_to_file> <user>@<ip>:<path>

Download a file:
pscp <user>@<ip>:<path> c:\<path_to_file>

This is of course most practical if you put the PuTTY folder path in $PATH. You can do this permanently in Winkey+Pause » Advanced system settings » Environment Variables. Then you can at any time just pop a CMD windows and fire a transfer command.

GNU/Linux OpenSSH equivalent is 'scp'.

Original Post: Jan 26th, '22 13:22 CET.
Updated: Jan 26th, '22 13:38 CET.

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