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A 64-bit H.265/HEVC Converter for Windows

Right click on folder or file (MP4,MKV) in explorer you want to convert to H.265/HEVC.


Additional notes

If you have a consumer grade GeForce card, you are limited by default to 2 hardware encoding streams. Professional Quadro cards are generally unrestricted (except T1000 which is restricted to 3). Converting on a busy Plex server providing hardware accelerated encoding to users may cause conversions resulting in (Failed) and log "out of memory" errors in the ffmpeg log. This is normal. Your options are to patch the driver, do the work on a dedicated computer without other accelerated tasks interfering (gaming not included, it will use GPU not NVENC), or get a Quadro card.

The card needs to have NVENC support. I recommend any Turing based card.
This would generally mean certain GTX 1050 cards, Quadro T1000 or later.


[ ConvertToHEVC++Setup.exe ]
The installer executable for Windows.