Decimal to Hex

Convert decimal numbers to hex and/or vice versa. More

Decimal to Hex

Hex to Decimal

x86 / x64 Disassembler

Disassemble hex/bytes and/or string literals into opcode with intel syntax. More

Architecture: x86 x64


DNS Zone Lookup

Dig into for zone records for a specific domain. More

Specify a domain name and choose an option.


HOST will provide information about A, AAAA og MX and reverse IP host if an IP is provided instead of a domain name.
DIG will provide information about A, MX, CNAME, TXT (e.g. SPF and DKIM).

Download Calculator

Download timers are often misleading and you're left looking at just a transfer rate.
This calculator can help you predict how long it may actually take based on the rating. More

How long will whatever you're doing online take?
Insert connection speed rating and download size.

¹ Speed Rating:
Download Size:
[?] Advanced: Kilo (10^3 Bytes = 1000).
KiloBinary (2^10 Bytes = 1024).
Mixed (Network = 10^3, File = 2^10).

¹) The actual number of bits and bytes will depend on the Advanced option. Menu will not change visual numbers by choosing another standard.

Engine Calculator

Inspired by the large scale RC hobby, I created a few functions for calculating engine specifications. More

Orange area illustrates displacement.
Calculate volume by bore and stroke. (πr²h).
Bore/Cylinder Diameter (in mm):
Stroke (in mm):

Convert cc to liter.
Cubic Centimeters (cc):

Convert liter to cc

Convert newton-meter to pound-foot force:

Convert pound-foot force to newton-meter:

Convert kilowatt to brake horsepower:

Convert brake horsepower to kilowatt:

Convert rpm and torque to raw horsepower:
RPM (revolutions per minute):
Torque (lb-ft/pound-foot):

Convert raw horsepower to rpm:
Torque (lb-ft/pound-foot):

Convert raw horsepower to torque:

Quick note: Don't confuse Pound-Foot (lb-ft) and Foot-Pound (ft-lb) Forces. They are not interchangeable.

The “pound-foot” (lb-ft)/torque is a unit of torque and a vector measurement that is created by one pound of force acting on a one foot lever.
The “foot-pound” (ft-lb)/energy is a scalar unit and measurement of work required to move a one pound object one foot of linear distance.

HTML Tag Check

A small tool for checking closing tags. More

Paste code here:

HTTP Header Lookup

A small tool for checking HTTP headers from hosts by domain lookup. More

Remember http(s):// in URL!

IP Lookup

Look up your own visible IP as well as other addresses via RIPE, ARIN and APNIC. More

Proxy detected:
Your visible IP address:

Type a IPv4 address and choose a lookup method.

Monitor Calculator

When buying a monitor you may want to consider Hertz(frequency) and milliseconds(response).
This takes a closer look at how this works together with FPS. More

What does Hz and ms mean and/or matter?

FPS is the graphics card ability in your computer to deliver images/frames to show on your monitor. Hz is the monitor's ability to show images per second. If the specification is 60 Hz, then there is a 1 sec (1000 ms) divided at 60 = ~16.67 ms requirement to be able to show every image at that frequency. You'll want to stay under this to have a slight margin and prevent artifacts or ghosting between screen updates. Why does even less ms matter then, if only a certain delay is needed to match the Hz?

Imagine that the GPU draws a new image but it's not ready exactly at the ~16 ms mark. This will likely cause the previous frame to draw twice and effectively cause less FPS than the GPU is able to generate. This is where less ms becomes meaningful. With less response delay (ms) there is a higher chance of showing FPS in real time when Hz and FPS is out of sync. Depending on GPU driver and game settings, you may experience a certain "bungee cord" effect and/or skipped frames unless you're able to sync the game/FPS and refresh rate (Hz).

What's the minimum ms value I should have?
Hz rating:



En kalkulator som tar utgangspunkt i NEK400:2010 §27. More

Ib = Belastningsstrøm
In = Vern/Sikringsstørrelse
Iz = Strømføringsevne (f.eks. 1,5mm2<=10A, 2,5mm2<=16A)
I2 = Strømverdi som gjør at vern slår ut etter 60 min.
I5 = Strømverdi som gjør at vern slår ut umiddelbart.

Ib <= In <= Iz
Hold vern over belastning men under total strømføringsevne.

Spenningsfall i kobberleder:
NEK400:2010 §27 anbefaler maks 4% spenningsfall totalt på forbrukerutstyr. Særlige anbefalinger er 2% på hovedkurser, 4-5% på lysanlegg og motorkurser, 5-6% totalt for andre forbrukerkurser. Dette for bl.a. å sikre mot for lite kortslutningsstrøm og at utstyr får spenning etter spesifikasjoner.

Tverrsnitt på leder (mm2):
Lengde (m):
Belastning (A):
Spenningskilde (V):

Text to Binary

A converter from text to binary and vice versa, just for fun. More

Text to Binary

Use spaces between bytes.
Binary to Text